Submit a 'Shout Out' for American Red Friday

January 9, 2018
Mike's Mic
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As you probably know, I’ve dubbed Fridays “American Red Friday” during Mike at the Mic.  The reason…I want to show my support and gratitude for the sacrificial and faithful service of the men and women of the United States military.  Each Friday, I invite you to wear something red (which symbolized heartiness and valor on the Great Seal during the Continental Congress) and then make a special effort to say thank you to those who have served.

One of the greatest parts of doing this show is to give a shout-out to military members, both past and present.  If you would like to pay tribute to somebody (or if you would like to let me know that YOU served), please fill out the American Red Friday contact form.  I will collect these and read them on Friday’s show (10a-1p Central).  Thank you!  I really look forward to reading these.  It is such an honor for me…and a blessing for all.


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