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Become a Classic Christian CHAMPION by making a generous donation of $2,470.00. A gift of that amount will not only help offset the monthly expenses, but will allow us to expand in ways that will directly benefit you, the best listeners in the world. *
Become a Classic Christian CAPTAIN with a generous donation of $247.00. This gift will go directly to the monthly operating costs for You will play a very important role in keeping this amazing music on the air! *
Become a Classic Christian CREW member by making a generous donation of at least $24.70. Each and every gift is critical to covering the operational costs of running a radio station. If you are able to check the "Make This Recurring (Monthly)" box, it will allow us to plan for the future as well! *
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After almost five years of reaching deep into our own pockets to provide a radio station that plays this incredible music, we fervently sought God's will in how to continue funding Co-founders Doug and Mike felt led to provide the opportunity for you, the listeners, to help financially support the large operational costs and to GROW the station in ways only limited by a lack of funds.

We consider each and every gift, a gift from God. We know that HE is our provider and we will always praise Him for gifts of any size. He is a mighty and wonderful God and it is our pleasure to bring Jesus glory through Thank you for your generosity!